About the ZipHat

Welcome to the future of the hat.

About the ZipHat
Girl in visor

ZipHat™ is a revolutionary new product that offers the best of both worlds – a great hat and a stylish visor built into a single product. Gone are the days of settling for one or the other. With the ZipHat, you have the flexibility to change your lid to fit your mood, the weather, or your style.

ZipHat is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. The hat is contructed from high quality materials and fabrics including 100% twill cotton and 100% polyester athletic mesh. The hat is available in any color and the options are limitless for logos and branding. The durable zipper is available in multiple colors.

A unique feature of the ZipHat is the multiple opportunities it provides to brand, logo, and tagline the hat and the visor.