Company Overview

A Brief Look at ZipHat and the People Behind it.

Company Overview
Picture of a girl wearing the ZipHat as a visor.

The ZipHat™ is the future of the hat! This clearly is the breakthrough in headwear. Unlike silly design gimmicks that don't produce profits for you, the ZipHat is a new "category" in headwear providing your customers a truly unique hat experience.

Brand new, the patented ZipHat releases 2013, launching in Disney Parks, Discovery Channel, John Deere, ESPN, and with many major corporations as an über-cool way to promote their company and products. The hat features the best of both worlds, combining stylish sports cap with a visor into a single product! Two hats in one!

Just launching, this patented hat is already heralded as the best innovation in hats in 50 years, being picked up for 2013 by leading distributors, sports teams, and leading companies who are already aggressively putting ZipHat into their catalogs, stores and plans.

The ZipHat allows corporations, golf and tennis proshops, hunting and fishing retailers, and specialty product distributors to offer the coolest new hat to their any style, fabric, logo and colors.

The multiple branding opportunities with the ZipHat is a serious advantage over the old conventional ballcaps of the past. With ZipHat providing "2 hats in 1" feature, it beats out every other hat on the market today.

Call or email us today to get ZipHat in your inventory immediately so you don't get stuck with the old style hats and miss out on this opportunity. ZipHats can be designed in any color, style, and of the highest quality to meet your needs. Working with our manufacturing partner, we can customize with digitizing, embroidery, and full imprint services with a full design team using the latest technology, infinite materials, custom hardware and incomparable quality.